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TMA TC-12 Automated Arrowboard

  • Reliable - New control unit and heavy duty linear actuators.
  • Durable - Welded inner steel frame and extruded aluminum shell.
  • Simple - Only 3 switches to operate all modes & automatic dim

Scorpion II® TMA Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion TMA Model C folds up and over the bed of flat bed, stake bed, or dump trucks. The Model C with its compact design and balanced weight distribution makes it ideal for high-speed travel. The Scorpion TMA Model C provides TL-3 impact protection. Side mounts are also available.

1,975 lbs (900kg)
Travel/Storage 2' 5" (.74 m)
Deployed 12' 10" (3.93 m)
8' (2.45 m)
Travel/Storage 10' 6" (3.05 m)
Deployed 12" ± 1" (305 mm ± 24.4 mm


SLED™ Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipate

  • Blunt End of Concrete, Steel and Water Filled Barriers
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up, No Foundation Anchoring, Minimized Installation Exposure Time
  • Cost Effective End Treatment for Concrete, Steel or Water Filled Barriers
  • Universal Transition Quickly and Easily Attaches to a Variety of Barrier Shapes and Sizes
  • SLED's Stout Design Virtually Eliminates Vaulting
  • Narrow Footprint is Ideal for Work Zones or Roads with Minimal Shoulder Spacing
  • Shortest Length TL-3 Water Filled Crash Cushion, Fewer Incidental Impacts
  • Containment Impact SLED Minimizes Debris Field
  • Visual "Drive By" Fill Indicators Quickly Verify Water Module's are Properly Filled
  • FHWA Accepted for Use in Uni- and Bi- Directional Applications
  • Internal Steel Cables Help Envelop Vehicle After an Impact, Creating a Truly "Limited Gating" System
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up, No Foundation Anchoring, Minimized Installation Exposure Time.