PSLT-4000S is a compact and powerful portable solar light tower that is cost-effective and has a great return on investment. It is visually as bright, effective and compact as conventional diesel light towers, without costing thousands of dollars every year in fuel and labor. The PSLT-4000S features 4 LED lamps with Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite technology, which provides a brighter and more environmentally-friendly lighting system. The PSLT-4000S is ideal for lighting construction work zones, parking lots, special events, emergency response and oil and mining applications.



  • Nightbrite technology – Innovative exlusive LED fixture design provides 40% increased brightness using the same power consumption, compared to other solar light tower systems.
  • Clear and Bright LED lamps – Long lasting and durable LED lamps provide targeted lighting with minimal light pollution and reduced glare..
  • Compact Design – The innovative solar panel and trailer design make the PSLT-4000S easy to transport and set up without taking up valuable space..
  • Intelligent Controller – Schedule and control the brightness and length of your lighting event. Ver-Mac’s easy-to-use selector switch provides multiple brightness and timing settings.
  • Power platform – Robust power platform combined with energy-efficient Nightbrite technology makes it autonomous for weeks in most applications!
  • Low cost of ownership – Eliminate fuel, fuel labor, engine maintenance and sodium light replacement costs and save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Multi-Orientation Solar Panels – Solar panel tilts to various positions to maximize the performance, without having to move the trailer around.
  • Environmentally friendly – No fuel emissions and engine noise to harm the environment


  • LED lamps: 4 adjustable fixtures
  • Luminosity: up to 42K lumens total
  • Batteries: 470 A/h wired in a 24-volt system
  • Battery charger: 40 amp
  • Solar panels: 295 watts total / tilt up to 30°
  • Mast: 20 feet (painted orange)
  • 2 outriggers for trailer stabilization